Experimental Drawing Workshop

16th November 2019

         10 am - 3pm

"Explore your Potential"


Our experimental drawing workshop is designed to encourage anyone that is passionate about drawing and painting. We aim to help you explore the possibilities of materials and processes that will give you confidence to take away ideas and mark-making strategies and solutions, that you can use to create your own visual language.

We will use charcoal, graphite, ink, ballpoint, marker pen and fountain pen and see how each of these drawing mediums can be used and incorporated in mark-making processes. 

Martin's own drawings often use a minimal approach to oil, acrylic, spray paints and stencil work. The drawing workshop incorporate these processes and give you the opportunity to experiment  with these mediums in your work on the day, as there is an onsite spray booth/studio.

© 2019 copyright  Martin Robert Reed